Panta Veličković – Viola

July 1st – July 12th 2020

Panta Veličković (1967.) graduated and mastered viola on Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade. He attended special studies on High School for music in Cologne, Germany with his mentor Reiner Moog. As a soloist, he performed with symphony orchestra Radio Television Serbia, with Montenegrin Symphony orchestra and also with orchestras „S.Binicki“ and „Nais“ philharmonic orchestra, as well with chamber orchestras in Serbia „Dusan Skovran“, “St. George strings“, „New Art Ensemble“, „Camerata Serbica“, „Balkan chamber Academy“ and in Germany –„Telecom-Chur kammer orchester“, „Rheinische Philharmonie“ from Koblenz and Cologne chamber ensemble which he concerted within countries of ex-Yugoslavia, as well in lots of other countries in Europe.

Since he was on college, as a part of the famous string quartet „Mokranjac“, he performed at many other festivals all around the country, he recorded for needs of television houses in the region. He was also a member  and founder of string quartet  „Rubicon“ which has accomplished many performances all around ex-Yugoslavia at festivals NOMUS, NIMUS, BEMUS, A tempo, Kotor Art, Budva-City Theater, as well on well-known music festival in Sion. In meanwhile he recorded three CDs with the music composed for string quartet and one CD performing the contemporary music for viola and chamber orchestra.

From 2006. to 2009. he was invited to work as a guest professor on University in Osnabrueck in Germany.  In that period he had over 20 solo concerts in Berlin, Bremen, Trier, Osnabrueck with pianist Viola Mokrosch. He participated as president of the jury at the South East Asia Young Artist Competition, ASEAN, held in 2011 in Jakarta, Indonesia. From 2009. until 2016. he was a member and solo-violist of Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra “D. Skovran”, Belgrade.

One of many activities which he manifests is making string instruments which has been followed whit many interview for many daily newspapers, and also he presented history and art of building string instruments at the university in Osnabrueck. He has also recorded many documentary shows for the needs of many radio and TV stations from the region.

Since 1995. Panta is a professor at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. His students are renowned artists who successfully continued their careers in music centers worldwide.